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Orchard CMS中的SEO

As we all know the best way to change your search engine ranking is through writing valuable content and structuring it under proper headings and urls. Secondly, other recommendations I have heard are to write valid markup. utilize "title" and "alt" tags on images, and have a good image to text ratio on your page. For Orchard there is a nice little check-list you can follow to make sure you have the basics configured so that you are in good shape besides the content piece. Here are some things I like to do below. Also take a look at our recent content offering "17 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2015" and see how many myths you are still following!
我们都知道,更改搜索引擎排名的最佳方法是通过编写有价值的内容,并在正确的标题和网址下构建它。 其次,我听到的其他建议是写有效的标记。 利用图像上的“标题”和“alt”标签,并在您的页面上有一个良好的图像文字比率。 对于Orchard,有一个很好的小清单,你可以遵循,以确保你有基本配置,以使你在内容片以外的良好的形状。 下面是我喜欢做的一些事情。 另请参阅我们最近的内容“17 SEO神话将留在2015年”,并看看你仍然关注了多少神话!
The Top 10 Orchard CMS SEO Check-list:
  1. An easy way to get some meta tagging into your content is to download and install the Vandelay Meta Tag module from the Orchard gallery. When enabled this will allow you to add keyword and description tags to all your pages. I am not saying this is the key to your SEO problems, but it is a module many customers will ask for. Secondly, it is critical for people who offload content creation to a third party. Content creators do not want to be asking you to be placing meta tags into specific pages for them. After install all of your pages will have options like seen in the screenshot below :
十大 SEO检查清单:
1.在您的内容中添加元标记的一种简单方法是从Orchard库中下载并安装Vandelay元标记模块。 启用此选项后,您可以向所有网页添加关键字和说明标签。 我不是说这是你的SEO问题的关键,但它是许多客户会要求的模块。 其次,对于将内容创作转移给第三方的人来说,这是至关重要的。 内容创作者不希望要求您将元标记放置到特定网页中。 安装完毕后,您的所有网页都会有下列屏幕截图所示的选项:

2. Download the Google Analytics module from the Orchard Gallery and install it. Once enabled you can browse to settings to configure all the options. You simply add your tracking key and configure some other optional settings for your site. This will properly include the tracking on your site.
2.从Orchard Gallery下载Google Analytics(分析)模块并安装它。 启用后,您可以浏览到设置以配置所有选项。 您只需添加跟踪密钥,并为您的网站配置一些其他可选设置即可。 这将正确包括您的网站上的跟踪。

3. Configure your auto-route preferences for your routes. You can preset some route preferences for content types by using the auto-route part settings in the content defintion manager. This is helpful because you can make sure users are properly publishing items to routes they should be. This keeps your content in areas that are relative to the specific URL phrases they live under. You can browse to the content defintion manager and you can set your auto-route settings like this :
3.为您的路由配置自动路由首选项。 您可以使用内容定义管理器中的自动路由部分设置为内容类型预设一些路由首选项。 这是有帮助的,因为您可以确保用户正确地将项目发布到他们应该的路线。 这会将您的内容保留在相对于他们所在的特定网址短语的区域。 您可以浏览内容定义管理器,您可以设置自动路由设置,如下所示:

Then when you go to your Blog Post type for example the auto-route will be populated with the proper root url for your type.

4. Override the Document.cshtml file in your theme. You can find the default one here "\src\Orchard.Web\Core\Shapes\Views". By placing this in your theme, you can then control at the base level the wrapper of Layout.cshtml. You can then place any other tags or scripts you need into every page of the site. You can also control the Page titling to your liking.
4.覆盖主题中的Document.cshtml文件。 你可以在这里找到默认的“\ src \ Orchard.Web \ Core \ Shapes \ Views”。 通过将它放在您的主题中,您可以在基本级别控制Layout.cshtml的包装器。 然后,您可以将任何其他标记或脚本放置在网站的每个页面。 您还可以根据自己的喜好控制页面标题。
5. Install the Robots.txt module from the Orchard Gallery. This will let you configure which pages you would like to be indexed by search engines and which you do not.
5.从Orchard Gallery安装Robots.txt模块。 这将允许您配置哪些页面要由搜索引擎索引,哪些不是。
6. Configure SSL for your site via the web.config/IIS or use the Orchard.SecureSocketsLayer module which is now part of the Orchard core modules. Google has indicated this will give you a higher search ranking.
6.通过web.config / IIS为您的站点配置SSL或使用Orchard.SecureSocketsLayer模块,它现在是Orchard核心模块的一部分。 Google已表示这会给您更高的搜索排名。
7. Download and install the Browser Detection module in order to force SSL for all users. You can also use this to module to force users to a Fully Qualified Domain Name as well so all your sites are properly indexed with search engines. You may also utilize the web.config/IIS for this as well. For example, users arriving at cloudconstruct.com will be forced to www.cloudconstruct.com.
7.下载并安装浏览器检测模块,以强制所有用户使用SSL。 您还可以使用此模块来强制用户访问完全限定域名,以便您的所有网站都通过搜索引擎正确索引。 你也可以利用web.config / IIS。 例如,到达cloudconstruct.com的用户将被强制到www.cloudconstruct.com。
8. Make sure your site is mobile ready! You can use any of these Responsive Themes from the Orchard Gallery. This will give you a higher ranking in the mobile search rankings according to Google.
8.确保您的网站已准备就绪! 您可以使用任何这些响应式主题从Orchard Gallery。 这会让您在Google的移动搜索排名中获得更高的排名。
9. Turn on the SysCache and OutputCache modules in the Orchard Modules area. Page load time can also negatively effect your search engine ranking.
9.打开“Orchard模块”区域中的SysCache和OutputCache模块。 网页加载时间也会对您的搜索引擎排名产生负面影响。
10. Write great content with descriptive titles, often!
I hope this checklist for Orchard has helped people come up with some standard items to configure to enable smart SEO practices. Also take a look at our recent content offering "17 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2015" and see how many myths you are still following!

我希望这个Orchard的清单帮助人们提出了一些标准项目来配置以启用智能SEO实践。 另请参阅我们最近的内容“17 SEO神话将留在2015年”,并看看你仍然关注了多少神话!
About the Author:
Arra Derderian serves as the President and as a Lead Technical Architect for Cloud Construct. As a founder at Cloud Construct, Arra is involved in all levels of the business from new project engagements, project planning, and development.
He also serves as the founder of the Boston Orchard CMS User Group and is a member of the Windows Azure Insiders group.
Arra graduated from Northeastern University School with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Arra Derderian担任总裁和云构造领导技术架构师。 作为Cloud Construct的创始人,Arra参与了来自新项目合作,项目规划和开发的所有级别的业务。

他也是波士顿Orchard CMS用户组的创始人,并且是Windows Azure Insiders组的成员。


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